Category: Martial Arts

  • Time. Effort. Grit.

    Time. Effort. Grit.

    Skill is learned. If you put in time and effort, you will see results and improvement. And like with everything, some things are easier to learn than others.

  • Find your Joy

    Find your Joy

    Recently I had this epiphany moment that made me realize that happiness and joy, even though very similar, are really not the same thing. Why is that relevant ? I think it is important to acknowledge that happiness is rooted in external circumstance, meaning that happiness happens to us. It is triggered by events and…

  • Take a chance

    Take a chance

    Starting something new later in your life might seem like a bad idea or too challenging and scary.

  • The challenges of Training

    The challenges of Training

    When I started training, the pool of women to train with was small and depending on which art , it was even non existent. Going to big seminars and being one of two women there was a challenge. There was always the feeling of having to prove yourself, to not fall short on representing your…

  • Respect


    “Warriors respect each other. They give dignity to each other either in a win or in a defeat.” ― Avijeet Das Many core principles that I value in my personal life, also apply to my training, which is probably a big reason why martial arts resonates so much with me. One of the most important values,…