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  • Christmas Time

    Christmas Time

    Despite the challenges, I think 2020 forced us more than ever before to focus on the good things we do have, allowed us to spend more time with our families and help us reevaluate our priorities.

  • The Medication Struggle

    The Medication Struggle

    It’s my one year anniversary of going off my anxiety and depression medication. There were a few months of adjustment while the medication was working its way out of my system. Side effects like vivid nightmares and moments of self doubt and panic made the transition hard.

  • Right or Wrong

    Right or Wrong

    Lots of our kids are going back to school in the coming weeks. Depending on State, district or town there are lots of options. Full time back, cohort models, studying from home. Thinking about all of this has been overwhelming and I am sure there are many parents out there that feel the same way.…

  • The magic of Goals

    The magic of Goals

    The day I started setting goals for myself, was the day everything started to fall into place. I started out with small things like, today I’ll walk 5 minutes on the treadmill or today I’ll choose to eat healthy instead of junk.

  • Mindset


    How to make sense of and navigate the world ? It’s all a matter of mindset – A collection of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and habits. The way you think about yourself and your abilities, the way you talk to yourself. Ideally, I think our mindset is influenced by our environment when we are kids. Encouragement,…

  • Find your Joy

    Find your Joy

    Recently I had this epiphany moment that made me realize that happiness and joy, even though very similar, are really not the same thing. Why is that relevant ? I think it is important to acknowledge that happiness is rooted in external circumstance, meaning that happiness happens to us. It is triggered by events and…

  • Vulnerability – the way to Connection

    Vulnerability – the way to Connection

    There is nothing worse than feeling alone. And believe me when I say, you never truly are !  We all have problems in common, but isolation and not sharing make us struggle in silence.  And it’s easy to feel this way in times of social media: the picture perfect posts, the appearance of an easily…

  • Take a chance

    Take a chance

    Starting something new later in your life might seem like a bad idea or too challenging and scary.