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Hear us Roar


You must be crazy trying to create this space in the middle of a pandemic ?!

It’s not going to work now !
Maybe wait until things are back to normal !

I heard all of those and more of the same.

If I learned anything on my Martial Arts and health journey it’s this :

The timing will never be perfect !!!!

If you want to, you can always find an excuse why it is not a good time to start something new, why tomorrow will be better than today. That is how things never happen ! It’s staying in your safety zone.

Lioness Legion has been on my mind for a while and in the works since the beginning of the year and I do think this place is needed, especially now. A place to find like minded women, find support and encouragement, a common ground through the love of Martial Arts. 

So even though there will be no events before the new year, I would love to open the doors to this new space and invite communication and ideas.

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