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Time. Effort. Grit.

One of the most common questions I get asked: ” How do you get good at martial arts ?”

The easy answer is: Time

The hard answer is: Time

Skill is learned. If you put in time and effort, you will see results and improvement. And like with everything, some things are easier to learn than others. None of the people you look up to were born with the skill they have. They put in the work, to be as good as they are.

So if you are just starting out: Make a plan !

Plan the times that you are able to commit to training. 2-3 times a week is a great place to start. And then stick with it because consistency is key !

When I started training, I consistently trained 3 times a week. And within half a year things started to click and make more sense. Movements become ingrained and second nature and with that your confidence in your skill will grow.

While the rate of your progress will slow down, it is still there.

When I struggle with my progress or what I think is the lack thereof, I always refer back to what my Sensei and instructors will tell me: “Just show up for class !” It really is that simple. No one ever got worse by showing up and training. Don’t quit, just show up.

I could go on and on about this. There are so many ups and downs on this journey. But in the end, it is so much fun to train. So much fun to learn. And all the struggle along the way, will give you that sense of accomplishment and confidence in yourself that is priceless.

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2 responses to “Time. Effort. Grit.”

  1. Paige Doyle Avatar
    Paige Doyle

    Uplifting, inspiring and motivational! You’ve reaffirmed all of the key points I’ve lost sight of. Consistency is key. Showing up is key. Keep on keeping on 🙂 Thank you!!!

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