Martial Arts

Martial Arts


Lioness Legion’s Martial Arts For Women

Martial Arts is one of the world’s oldest and most effective forms of exercise! Here are just some of the unbelievable health benefits of Martial Arts training:

  • Cardiovascular Benefits – Unique training that emphasizes the core, lung and heart health, and tones the whole body.
  • Weight Loss – Because of how effective Martial Arts are at toning the body, weight loss and muscular definition come naturally to practitioners.
  • Improved Focus – Martial Arts often requires you to mentally put yourself into a self-defense situation you might not have otherwise been in. This helps improve focus, attention, and even decision-making under pressure.
  • Self-Confidence – Learning to defend yourself is an empowering experience! Martial Arts training has been known to break people out of their shell and give them confidence like never before.
  • Strength & Reflexes – Martial Arts training teaches you to be quicker, more reactive, and stronger.
  • Morals & Values – Because training depends on community and a healthy environment, Martial Arts often teaches people to be kinder, more supportive, and more patient with one another. These values play a big role in the training environment as well as in our personal development and how we treat ourselves.

Lioness Legion focuses on several different Martial Arts for women. You can learn more about the following martial arts at a Lioness Legion event:


Rather than learning about a specific art, self-defense training focuses on quick and effective learning. These sessions are great for people who just want to know how to defend themselves. Self-defense training doesn’t get into the history or traditions of the Art.


Krav Maga

An efficient and effective martial art that teaches some of the foundational basics of self-defense training. With Krav Maga, you will learn about striking, gripping and throwing, and even some of the basics of handling and disarming weapons.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo

Very closely tied together, BJJ and Judo are martial arts that will teach you about how to grip your opponent, how to throw them, how to choke or armbar an opponent, and also how to defend yourself on the ground.


Kali & Combat Hapkido

These arts focus more on offense than defense. Kali will expand your knowledge of empty-hand, blade, and impact weapon attacks and disarms. Combat Hapkido builds on this while teaching more about control grips, restraining, and striking.



Focus on your striking skills with Kickboxing! Kickboxing builds off of boxing by integrating kicks and even some holds (a.k.a. “clinches”) into your training.


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Lioness Legion hosts seminars, workshops, open mats, and other female-only martial arts events both independently and with other female martial arts organizations. Join us today!

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