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Kali & Combat Hapkido

Kali & Combat Hapkido


Learn Female Self-Defense With The Lioness Legion

Female self-defense training with the Lioness Legion also focuses on Kali & Combat Hapkido. These martial arts are more combat-oriented and focus on offensive self-defense tactics. They are a great addition to Krav Maga training!

Both Kali and Combat Hapkido are martial arts that focus on three different perspectives in their training: empty-hand, sticks (a.k.a. impact weapons – this could simulate a metal pipe, a crowbar, etc.), and blades.

Kali is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA) derived from the Philippines. While Kali teaches both offensive and defensive self-defense tactics – particularly with weapons – it’s known for being a very practical and efficient martial art. Kali is a very weapon-oriented art, teaching its practitioners that weapons are simply extensions of the hand.

Combat Hapkido differs a little bit from Kali because while it still addresses weapons, it focuses much more on control. Combat Hapkido training commonly teaches striking, joint locks, pressure points, ground survival, and disarming techniques. While traditional Hapkido originated in Korea, Combat Hapkido is an American interpretation of the art – it uses a new, science-focused structure with modern concepts to focus on the self-defense aspect of training.

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