Krav Maga

Krav Maga


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Lioness Legion teaches Krav Maga for women by focusing on the basics of striking, attacking and defending with weapons, throws and gripping, and fighting on the ground. Krav Maga is a martial art whose origins can be traced back to Israel. It’s used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli National and Military Police, and even Israeli Special Operations and Security Units. Krav Maga training with the Lioness Legion is a civilianized version focused on self-defense.

Krav Maga is a great, well-rounded Martial Art for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. This art can be used to build a strong foundation for all of your martial arts training.

Krav Maga can be a particularly important Martial Art for women to train because it addresses some of the most common self-defense situations that women may encounter. Krav Maga for women teaches females how to handle situations such as:

  • A male cornering a female
  • A male choking a female
  • A male bear-hugging a female
  • A male pinning a female down on the ground

Knowing how to handle self-defense situations such as these can be particularly important for instances where the man is much larger than the woman.

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