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Interested In Ladies-Only Kickboxing?

For those looking to get started with the basics, try a ladies-only Kickboxing event with the Lioness Legion! Kickboxing is a great way to break into the world of martial arts and give it a shot. You’ll learn boxing skills, how to practice proper striking (punching and kicking) form, and how to integrate kicks into your training. Not to mention it’s an incredible stress reliever!

Kickboxing isn’t just for beginners, though! At the Lioness Legion, principles of other martial arts will also make an appearance into your kickboxing training. That means you’ll find things like clinches and holds and even some dirty boxing techniques sprinkled into your kickboxing training.

Join Us!

Lioness Legion hosts seminars, workshops, open mats, and other female-only martial arts events both independently and with other female martial arts organizations. Join us today!

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